Wednesday, November 17, 2010

AMAZING Egyprian Monuments

The Ancient Egyptians aren't people who made some of the best monuments in the world with machines. They used their bare hands constantly getting cuts, breaking hands, fingers etc. After all of the grueling pain from giant boulders falling and hitting you their work always came out fantastic. For example, the pyramids (tombs) are giant monuments with big pointy tops, kind of like a spear with a giant base. Whether your looking at the good old fashion pyramids or a step pyramid you may notice they're all lined with the stars, sunrise, and sundown for a reason we still don't know today. The downfall of all of the incredibly designed pyramids are their security. Many kings and queens that have been buried with their cha chang have been robbed and striped of everything they own.

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  1. thats cool how pyrimids are lined up with the stars.