Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wealthy Egyptian Homes

The wealthy side of the people of the Nile's town is extravagant. There are two types of houses the villa and the multi-story. The people with the big bucks lived in a gated neighborhood with multi-story homes. Many of the neighborhoods had a common area for people to socialise and hang out. With many rooms to be in at once they had tons of privacy. But you cant forget they had the finest furniture and stone flooring. All of the houses included basements for storage and kitchens to cook in. They may of lived simple lives but the thing i wonder is, "Are they as happy as the families with lower income?:"

WoRkInG ClAsS Of EgYpt HoUsEs

The working class of Egypt lived a OK life. They lived in small houses with only a few rooms and little privacy. If it were me, I would move out into my own house and have all the privacy I want!! Besides that, their houses were made of clay brick from the Nile river. Since the clay brick was not a long lasting solution they would have to rebuild their houses, every few months. Though they may of not had all of the necessities of the wealthier side of Egypt they had simple wood furniture, a bathroom, and matted roofs to keep the water out. The thing that amazes me the most is that if we were to live the way they did what would we be like.. It just makes me say "WOW I have it good."


     I mean really?????? Why is it necessary to have windows that are so high you cant even see out of? Well this weird feature is a must for Egyptians. Since the heat in Egypt can reach above 100 and doesn't get much lower, the high windows will help keep all of those nasty heat waves out and the house cooler. Besides that, Egyptians used brick found from the Nile river to build their houses. Since that brick doesn't hold very well their houses would constantly be falling and they would have to rebuilt. Just think about it. Your sitting in your living room and looking at your wall and it just crumbles. Furthermore, the wealthy side of Egyptian cities houses were made of tough stone.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Those Huge Things the Egyptians Made

       The ancient Egyptians have made some of our biggest and longest lasting monuments in the whole WORLD. Most people think of the Pyramids when they dig in their minds for background information of Egypt. But truthfully, they are partially correct in my book; well never mind I don't have a book. You know that big Washington Monument at our capital? Well that monument was designed in mind of the Obelisks in Egypt. Obelisks (another Egyptian monument) are upright stones with a point on the top. They were also a focal point of worship in temples but their exact purpose is still not known. To wrap it up, Egyptians have made some of the biggest influences around the world with their big and spectacular monuments.

AMAZING Egyprian Monuments

The Ancient Egyptians aren't people who made some of the best monuments in the world with machines. They used their bare hands constantly getting cuts, breaking hands, fingers etc. After all of the grueling pain from giant boulders falling and hitting you their work always came out fantastic. For example, the pyramids (tombs) are giant monuments with big pointy tops, kind of like a spear with a giant base. Whether your looking at the good old fashion pyramids or a step pyramid you may notice they're all lined with the stars, sunrise, and sundown for a reason we still don't know today. The downfall of all of the incredibly designed pyramids are their security. Many kings and queens that have been buried with their cha chang have been robbed and striped of everything they own.